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The Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 is definitely one of the most unique and admired production sailboats ever built. It is a true bluewater cruiser capable of long voyages, ocean crossings and circumnavigations.  No other 20 foot boat can make this claim.  Because of its spacious accommodations and standing headroom it is often used as a live aboard boat.  Some Flickas have an enclosed bathroom and some do not.  All have a nice stove and sink as well as a fairly large ice box.  The most unique aspect of the boat is that it has all these features in a boat that is only 20 feet long.

The Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 was designed by Bruce Bingham and was first built by Norstar Marine beginning in 1975. In 1977 the mold for the boat was sold to Pacific Seacraft who then went on to construct approximately 434 of the little sailboats. At least 434 was the last hull number ever built. Pacific Seacraft no longer makes the Flicka but they remain a sought after little bluewater boat. It is unknown whether any more will ever be built. There is not another sailboat like the Flicka and unless someone begins building them again there never will be.  The last Flicka to sell sold for around $100,000 new which is pretty amazing. This gives you an idea of how nice the boats eventually became towards the end of their production. The closest boat to a Flicka would be a Falmouth Cutter.

We have additional specifications for the Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 such as LOA, Beam, Displacement, Headroom, Draft, etc..  CLICK HERE

I have compiled some sources for used Flicka 20 sailboats for sale as well as accessories for the boat. They are as follows :

Flicka 20 Main Site – This is one of the Main Sites on the Internet for Flickas for Sale and also for Accessories.  There is a wealth of information on the boat as well as on voyages the boats have made and their different owners.

Boats Dot Com Website – This is a great site for Flickas and other sailboats. There are usually a couple of pages of Flickas here. Type in Flicka as your keyword, put in your zip code and choose no limit for range.

Yacht World Dot Com Website – Yacht World is a great place to find Flickas and other sailboats. I have had good luck using this site. Type in Flicka as your keyword at the top of the page.

Sailing Texas Website – Great Site for finding small sailboats. They have boats from more places than just Texas so don’t let the name fool you.  There are normally several Flickas on this site.

Number One Flicka Group on the Web – Great place to discuss Flickas, find Flickas for Sale and Find Accessories.

Craigslist Search Engine – Search all of craigslist at one time from one site. Great place to find both sailboats and parts. Simple to use. Type in your zipcode and the keyword you want to search for.

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