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If you like the Falmouth Cutter 22 then you are going to love its big sister, the Bristol Channel Cutter 28.  This is truly an around the world boat.  A fact that has been proven repeatedly.   The yacht was designed by Lyle Hess and first built by the Sam L. Morse company in 1975.  It is now built by Cape George Cutter Marine Works in Washington State. Our research shows that about 127 boats have been built.

 The boat is very roomy for a 28 footer and is used by many as a live aboard cruiser.  Two would be the maximum recommended number of occupants.  The older Bristol Cutters sell in the $80,000 – $120,000 range while the newer models built in 2000 or above sell for around $200,000.  Resale value is excellent.

Bristol Channel Cutter 28 Main Site – This is the Main Site on for Bristol Channel Cutter owners.

Rogue Wave Yacht Sales – popular broker for Bluewater Boats including the Bristol Channel Cutter 28.

Boats Dot Com Website – Great Site for used Falmouth Cutter 22’s and other sailboats. Usually a few Falmouth Cutters here. Just type in Falmouth Cutter as your keyword, put in your zip code and choose your range.

Yacht World Dot Com Website – Good Site for Falmouth Cutters and other sailboats. I have had good luck with this site for other small boats. Type in Falmouth Cutter as your keyword at the top of the page.

Sailing Texas Website – Great Site for finding small cruising sailboats like the Bristol Channel Cutter. They have boats from more places than just Texas so don’t let the name fool you.

Sam Morse Website – Original builders site.  Has a section for owners that inlcuded equipment and used boats.

Craigslist Search Engine – With this site you can search all of craigslist at one time from one site. Great place to find Bristol Channel Cutter 22 sailboats and parts in the US. It is simple to use. Type in your zipcode and the keyword you want to search for.

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