Cal 20 by Jensen Marine – Used Sailboat For Sale

The Cal 20 also known as the California 20 was built between 1961 and 1975 by Jensen Marine. The Cal 20 was designed by Bill Lapworth in 1960 and went into production in 1961. The little boat quickly became popular due to it’s low price tag of $3200. This low priced sailboat soon became the #1 seller for Jensen Marine and they would soon be building a 20 footer each day !  The boat is small and accommodations are limited, however, thanks to its heavy keel, it is a very seaworthy boat.  This is really the only reason it is classified as a small bluewater cruiser.

These quick little sailboats have four bunks, an eight foot cockpit, plenty of storage and a little marine head that comes in handy on longer cruises. Over 2400 Cal 20’s were manufactured. They remain a popular and sought after cruiser because of their speed, affordable price and cruising ability.  Because the Cal 20’s keel is cast iron, you need to check it carefully when purchasing.  Make sure it has been properly cared for.

We have compiled some sources for Jensen Marine Cal 20 sailboats for sale as well as sources for parts and accessories. Here they are :

Cal 20 Main Site – Main Site on the world wide web for Cal 20’s. Association page, forum, photos, newsletter and more.

Boats Dot Com Website – Great Site for Used Cal 20 and other sailboats. There are usually several Cal 20 sailboats here. Type in Cal 20 as your keyword, put in your zip code and choose no limit for range.

Yacht World Dot Com Website – This is also a great site for Cal 20’s and other sailboats. I have had good luck here. Type in Cal 20 as your keyword at the top of the page.

Sailing Texas Website – Great Site for finding small sailboats. They have boats from more places than just Texas so don’t let the name fool you. Google “sailingtexas cal 20” to go straight to the Cal 20 page. -Great Sailboats for sale site. Click on search and type in Cal 20 using the keyword search box. Normally 2 or more Cals on this site.

Craigslist Search Engine – This is great.  You can search all of craigslist at one time from one site. Great place to find both sailboats and parts. The interface is simple to use. Type in your zipcode and the keyword you want to search for.