Compac 16 19 23 Foot Sailboat Hutchins Yachts – Used For Sale

The Compac family of small pocket cruisers are capable, trailerable, shallow draft boats that continue to be one of the most popular small sailboats built.  The 16 foot Compac sailboat is the most popular in the line.  These little boats are not bluewater cruisers, however, they are built very tough and are very capable inland waterway cruisers. Compac Sailboats are often a bit pricey but their features and trailerability make them a very popular choice for small sailboat enthusiasts.   A trailered Compac 16 can be rigged and ready to sail in about 30 minutes.

The Compac 16 was first built in 1974 and there were over 2,800 produced.  It is the smallest cabin sailboat in the Hutchins line. Hutchins also produces the Compac 19 and 23 which are also very popular cruisers.  All of the boats are very well constructed and as you go up in size you increase the places you can go with the boat.

We have compiled some sources for Compac 16 19 and 23 Sailboats for sale as well as accessories. Here they are :

Boat Trader Classified Ads – This is a great Site for finding Compac Yachts and other sailboats for Sale. Type Compac as your keyword and then your zip code.

Boats Dot Com Website – Also a great Site for finding Compac 16, 19 and 23’s and other sailboats. There are usually several Compacs here. Type in Compac as your keyword, put in your zip code and choose no limit for range.

Yacht World Dot Com Website – This is often the first site I check.  Great Site for Compac Yachts and other sailboats. Type in Compac as your keyword at the top of the page to get a list of all the Compac yachts for sale.

Sailing Texas Website – Great Site for finding small sailboats. They have boats from more places than just Texas so don’t let the name fool you.  They also have a list of Compac boats that have sold along with the information and pictures.

Sail Net Community – Great place to discuss Sailing and Sailboats. Click on resources, then classifieds and type in Compac under search classifieds. Normally a page of results will come up.

Craigslist Search Engine – Search all of craigslist at one time from one site. Simple to use.  Enter Compac or Compac 16 or Compac 19 and so on.

Compac Owners Association – Great place to get better acquanted with the world of Compac Yachts. Also a good place to look for boats.