Falmouth Cutter 22 Sailboat Designed by Lyle Hess – Used Boats For Sale

There are very few boats like the Falmouth Cutter 22 Sailboat.  This is a very capable Bluewater Cruiser and a very unique sailboat. You may recognize it as the little sister to the Bristol Cutter 28.  The Falmouth 22 is often used as a live aboard boat because of its spacious accomodations and standing headroom.  This also makes it a great world cruiser for either a singlehander or a couple.  It is capable of crossing any ocean and would handle a circumnavigation.  Like the Pacific Seacraft Flicka the Falmouth 22 is small but capable.  This is perhaps the boats most endearing quality.

Lyle Hess designed the Falmouth Cutter 22 as a pocket cruiser that could carry one or two persons across any ocean safely. The little yacht is designed just like the Bristol Channel Cutter but with minor changes to suit her size requirement. Like the Flicka 20, the Falmouth 22 can actually be trailered. This is a definate advantage for those who wish to relocate the boat to different bodies of water via interstates instead of oceans.

We have additional specifications for the Falmouth 22 such as LOA, Beam, Displacement, Headroom, Draft, Sail Area, etc.. here.

We have compiled some sources for Falmouth Cutter 22 sailboats for sale as well as accessories.  This is a fairly rare boat so time and patience may be required.  Here they are :

Falmouth Cutter 22 Main Site – This is the Main Site on for Falmouth Cutters.  The site includes customer pages as well as boats for sale.

Boats Dot Com Website – Great Site for used Falmouth Cutter 22’s and other sailboats. Usually a few Falmouth Cutters here. Just type in Falmouth Cutter as your keyword, put in your zip code and choose your range.

Yacht World Dot Com Website – Good Site for Falmouth Cutters and other sailboats. I have had good luck with this site for other small boats. Type in Falmouth Cutter as your keyword at the top of the page.

Sailing Texas Website – Great Site for finding small sailboats. They have boats from more places than just Texas so don’t let the name fool you.

Great Falmouth Cutter Website with a Boats for Sale Link. – Site has a large number of newletters that are archived.

Craigslist Search Engine – With this site you can search all of craigslist at one time from one site. Great place to find Falmouth 22 sailboats and parts. It is simple to use. Type in your zipcode and the keyword you want to search for.